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Bold and passionate songs about liberty - in pop, blues, jazz, rock, country, folk, and hip-hop

“I have always believed that any successful libertarian rEVOLution will feature music. That is why I support, and urge other libertarians to support, Carla Howell’s efforts to spread the ideas of liberty via songs that inform and inspire as well as entertain.”
Congressman Ron Paul

Leroy’s Comin’ Your Way
True story about a rare win for freedom

Bouffa’s Place EP
Apolitical songs about love, loss, and more…

Group of typical politicians in suits speaking into microphones

Politicians Say
Should you believe what politicians say?

Patient lying in hospital bed with loved one holding his hand. In the background, a bird is perched outside a window.
Brown Bird

Beautiful, haunting song about health freedom.

Cartoon of a frustrated taxpayer holding 1040 tax form he’s trying to file while pulling out hair in anguish.
How Could I Live Without Filing Taxes?

Oh, the joy!

First, Do No Harm by Carla Howell artwork
First Do No Harm

“The song challenges us to figure out how to create accountability for our elected officials.” – Kirby M, VA

Black-and-white artistic image of Charlie, Carla Howell's late, autistic brother.
What’s Inside Your Head?

In loving memory of Charlie.

Good Folks by Carla Howell Good Folks by Carla Howell. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp holding picture of her parents who died in massacre by shooter at Luby's Cafeteria. Suzanna was denied her right to self-defense by anti-gun laws, preventing her from sparing her parents' lives.
Good Folks

“Pro-self defense message on point and appreciated.” – Mark L, OH

Rise Forever, Liberty

An American anthem and a call for action to restore and preserve liberty 

Yak Yak Bourbon Carla Howell Flapper lady getting drunk at speakeasy during Alcohol Prohibition
Yak Yak Bourbon

“I love the song, and the Jazz is so much fun.” – Kitty F, PA

More songs coming!

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“If ever you can bring about revolutionary changes, two things would be required: Young people would have to be involved, and you would need music.”

 – Dr. Ron Paul