Brown Bird

A song about the tragedy caused by government control of your health care.

Beautiful, sad. Love clarinet. – Gerri, MA
Poignant. – Elizabeth, CA
Really nice. painting a sweet picture. – Robby, NY
Haunting harmony – Richard, VA
Heart-felt. Frustration and angst well matched to music. – Kirby, VA

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Genre: Pop, singer-songwriter, adult contemporary

Duration: 3:51

Vocals: Carla Howell
Piano: Jiri Nedoma
Bass Clarinet: Mike Thomas
Guitar: Clay Steininger
Bass: Dave Hines
Drums: Lee Fish

Words and Music by Carla Howell (BMI)
Produced by Carla Howell and Les Fish
Sound Engineering by Matt Hayes
Recorded and mastered at Wellspring Sound, Acton, MA
Additional Sound Engineering by Ben Mellott
Illustration by Aaron Herrara and Ani Barmashi


There’s a little brown bird sitting at your window
He knows you’re in 934
He’s here to see you
Can your tired eyes see the question burning inside me?
If they’d operated sooner
Would you be here?

Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
Can you feel my hand?

There’s been so much second-guessing
So much confusion
All those forms
All that testing
Always waiting
They are doing everything that they’re allowed to help you
If we had a better way
You know I’d take you there

Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
Can you feel my hand?

Let me rub those lines from your forehead with my fingers
Morning nurse is coming soon
Rest, my darling
We should have a name for the bird who likes your window
There he is again
I think he’s here to see you

Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
Can you feel my hand?

© 2019 Carla Howell all rights reserved