Good Folks

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A song that illustrates why “common sense” gun laws don’t work — and put innocent people in danger.

“Absolutely outstanding” – Philip Van Cleave, President, Virginia Citizens Defense League
“Message on point and appreciated” – Mark L, Ohio
“Catchy” – John B, West Virginia
“I Love It! A great song that has a tune you can hum AND points out the absurdity of disarming law abiding citizens.”  – Robert S, Maryland

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Genre: Country

Duration: 3:22

Vocals: Carla Howell
Piano: Jiri Nedoma
Guitar: Clay Steininger
Bass: Dave Hines
Drums: Lee Fish

Words and Music by Carla Howell (BMI)
Produced by Carla Howell and Les Fish
Sound Engineering by Matt Hayes
Recorded and mastered at Wellspring Sound, Acton, MA
Illustration by Selin Terzioğlu

Special thanks to Suzanna Gratia Hupp


Well, I never liked those guns
And I wondered who would own a gun
I figured they were not folks like me
I thought that those who claim a need
Were living far away from me
I wrote them off as rednecks and thieves

But then my neighbors Sue and Ted
Said they keep one by their bed
What a surprise that was to me
Sue and Ted are decent folk
Taught me things I didn’t know
I guess I didn’t understand their needs


Taking guns away
Leaves good folks in harm’s way
Why do we disarm
The ones who’ve done no harm?

When I watch prime time TV
Cops arrive at the scene
Just before damage is done
And so I thought you’d never need
To be the one to do the deed
Just hold tight until a policeman comes

Then I met Barb, a single mom
Who said she couldn’t wait that long
A stalker scared her out of her mind
She said she had to get a gun
To protect her baby son
No cop would be on hand before the crime


Taking guns away
Leaves good folks in harm’s way
Why do we disarm
Those who fall prey to harm?

Suzanna, her mom and dad
Were dining, when a man gone mad
Came shooting customers before her eyes
Suzanna could ‘a saved that crowd
But carrying guns was not allowed
That madman took both her parents’ lives
Now I’ve a new respect for guns
And I’d never want to stop someone
From being safe and free
Those who feel a need
Are living all around me
They’re men and women guarding families


Taking guns away (No, no)
Leaves good folks in harm’s way
We shall not disarm (No, no)
The ones who’ve done no harm
No harm
No harm

© 2019 Carla Howell all rights reserved