Carla Howell is both an accomplished libertarian activist and a rare libertarian singer-songwriter. Most of her songs are about liberty, and others involve love, loss, and family. She says, “small government is beautiful.”

She spearheaded three citizen-initiated statewide ballot measures to cut taxes in Massachusetts: two to completely abolish the state’s income tax (2002, 2008) and one to cut the state sales tax in half (2010). They each won almost a million votes, despite being outspent by the opposition by a factor of ten.

Carla Howell was a candidate for US Senate (2000), governor (2002), and auditor (1998) in Massachusetts.  She ran on bold platforms for ending the state and federal income taxes, ending the failed war on drugs, repealing anti-gun laws, full government financial transparency, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and generally making government dramatically smaller than it is today.

She served as Political and Executive Director for the Libertarian National Committee from 2011-2017. In 2018, she won the Libertarian Party’s Thomas Paine award for outstanding communication of Libertarian ideas, principles, and values.

During her 20-year career in high tech and health care prior to becoming politically active, and in just living life, she witnessed the devastating effects of big government programs on health care, civility, safety, human dignity, prosperity, family, and peace. Thus was born her passion for small government.

In 2005, Carla Howell co-founded the Center For Small Government, an organization uniquely committed to boldly shrinking the size, scope, taxes, spending and authority of government.